A few shows coming up, June 10th in Petaluma, June 30th in LA, and August in LA.

The 10th is w System Exclusive, some buds fr LA.

2 New videos off Gavin Gruesome

Just Dezzerts - Official Video

New Commute was nice enough to premiere the new video. I shot it throughout echo park and Novato. I walk a lot every day, this is what I see. The guitar on this song is a parlor guitar that was my great grandfathers. Hope you enjoy


" The money moment comes about the 2:45 mark in when Heath, standing on a craggy rock, rips through some blazing riffs before jacking the whole song towards the upper limits of rockdom, accompanied by the full L.A. Takedown band."

Robin Hilton, NPR


"the ensemble’s ( Weyes Blood ) best highlight was the lead guitarist. His nuanced handiwork shined, especially when he employed slide on a song like Something to Believe and he delicately, but sharply, finger-picked through Andromeda”                                                                          Northern Transmission



Gavin Gruesome

Out on Perpetual Doom

limited run, 100

artwork & layout Miles Wintner

Mastered by Kevin Basko

Heath has made a name as a distinguished guitarist lending his craft to the group L.A. Takedown as well as acts such as Weyes Blood and Death Valley Girls. With comparisons to John Cale’s Vintage Violence and the home-recorded obscurity of the legendary Stan Hubbs, “Remember You” has a confounding and irresistible appeal”

New Commute

this record about as bare bones as you can get...and it's cool as fuck. His voice is like an additional instrument, and works perfectly with his warm fuzzy tones, tremolo and reverb.” - Don Lorenzo, BMN Contributor

Blood Makes Noise

News 11/28/20

Early in 2020, Bonnie asked to play some slide on the new Death Valley Girls record, Under the Spell of Joy.  The record is beautiful, full of love, and is charting hella high on the charts n stuff. chekkit

Death Valley Girls